About us

About us

We are a group of Health care professionals consisting of General Medical practitioners, Consultant Physician with special interest in weight management, dieticians and Nutritionists, Activity advisor and Psychologist.


One of the members of the team a general medical practitioner used to weigh 25 stones and 8 pounds. He had high blood pressure, raised cholesterol and border line diabetes. He started on a weight reducing diet and increased his daily activity and in the process he lost 10 stones 8 pounds in weight.


The most important thing is that he has been able to maintain this weight loss for the last four years. He is now on no medical treatment and enjoys a very happy and active life. During his endeavour to lose weight he came across a consultant Physician with interest in weight management, dieticians, nutritionists, activity advisor and psychologist who came together as a team to create this website.


It is intended that based on our knowledge and the information obtained from our respective journals a books will be brought to the users of this website and regular updates shall be posted.

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