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1. Immunisation

Proof of immunisation against certain diseases is a requirement before entering some countries – always check with a doctor before you fly

2. Vaccination

Check in advance what vaccinations you may need and what the common diseases are, so you can avoid illness while away

Check what vaccinations you need for the countries your traveling to

3. Visa Research

Never leave home without first researching the visa requirements & the length you are allowed to stay, for your chosen country

4. Moblie

Check that your mobile will work abroad as you might have to turn your roaming on and don’t forget your charger

5. Safty tags

Make a safety tag for each young child that is travelling with you, and have your contact details written on these

6. Medicines

Keep any medicines you require to take with you in their original packaging to avoid security breeches at the airport

7. Passport

Make sure the emergency page in your passport is up to date & you have more than 6 months left before renewal date

8. Children

If travelling with a child keep them close at all times & carry a recent picture of them in case you are separated

9. Online Check in

Use online check in to avoid queuing & speed up your departure, but don’t forget to check the time of your flight

10. Essentials

Pack essentials in your hand luggage so you have them with you at all times, such as money and a toothbrush