Food & Diet

Eat healthy, feel groovy!

There is no such thing as unhealthy food but there is only an unhealthy diet.


It is very important for every individual to know and practice healthy eating. It is the foundation of a long healthy life.


It is very important to know what type of food to eat which gives the individual the daily requirement of Fat Protein and Carbohydrates not forgetting the minerals and vitamins, which is part of the daily requirements.


Growing children and people who manual work requires a high protein and a high carbohydrate diet where a person with a sedentary lifestyles requirement will be totally different.


Here we have given all the information on healthy food and diet. The daily requirement can be worked out on the calculators provided and ideal healthy weight reducing prescription diets are given so that a healthy diet programme is followed to achieve a healthy life. We have also tried to give the food values in calories of various foods used in our daily lives, like Bread Cereals and Potatoes, Fruits and Vegetables, Milk and dairy products, Meat fish and other alternatives and also food containing fats and sugars.

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