Groovy prevention

For a healthy heart

      1. Start the day with a healthy breakfast full of fibre
      2. Limit your salt intake to 6 gm per day
      3. Get active! Even household chores will burn calories


Beat depression

      1. Cut back on alcohol, caffeine and tobacco
      2. Increase physical activity, this produces feel good hormones
      3. Talk to friends about your feelings, socialising will help gain a healthy mind


Improve your memory

      1. Refresh your mind and avoid stress
      2. Eat lots of apples; they are full of anti oxidants
      3. Keep your cholesterol levels low to stay sharp


Lower your cholesterol

      1. Do at least 30 minutes exercise, three times a week
      2. Choose chicken or fish instead of red meat
      3. Substitute regular tea with green tea


Boost your immunity

      1. Add oats, barley and almonds to your diet; they are full of antimicrobial properties
      2. Drink lemon juice with your green tea first thing in the morning
      3. Work out to stay fit and stress free


Fight infection

      1. Take a multi vitamin every day
      2. Eat 2 servings of fish a week
      3. Carry a hand sanitizer in your bag


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