Increase your intake of anti oxidants

      1. Eat more dark-coloured fruits and vegetables
      2. Snack on pomegranates
      3. Drink herbal teas

Eating for weight loss

      1. Eat whole wheat pasta which is full of fibre to keep yourself feeling full
      2. Drink 6 glasses of cold water every day
      3. Aim to eat 25 gm of fibre everyday – about 3 servings of fruits and vegetables


Improve your digestion

      1. Eat pro biotic yoghurt. It contains the healthy bacteria that you need to aid digestion
      2. Eat slowly to feel full without overeating
      3. Drink freshly squeezed lemon with water daily


Diet tips

    1. Cook a healthy dinner and save the leftovers for the next day’s lunch
    2. Snack on nuts and fruits every two hours for good health
    3. Exercise daily to complement your diet
    4. Always read food labels carefully
    5. Eat a mixture of fruit and vegetables to get a variety of nutrients
    6. Choose fresh vegetables over canned vegetables to control your salt intake
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