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Almost half the male population over the age of 16 years are suffering from one of the following complaints, which are specific to males.


Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy [BPH] affects about 70% of the male population. They experience increased urinary frequency at night[nocturnal],slowing down of the urinary flow, unable to hold urine and dribbling at the end of the act of maturation and haematuria (blood in urine.) At times the urinary bladder does not empty fully thereby retaining urine which if untreated affects the kidneys. Prostate cancer is one of the commonest cancers in the western world and is ranked second in male mortality only after lung cancer which is at the top of the list. Men over the age of 40yrs and with a family history of Prostate cancer should have their PSA [prose specific antigen] checked.


It is very important for an individual to see a doctor should he experience frequent recurrent urinary tract infection, haematuria [blood in his urine] which is painless and recent appearance of back pain.


Erectile dysfunction is a common complaint in men, with an estimated 10% to 15% men over the age of 17yrs who have this condition. It is possible to treat erectile dysfunction successfully. Many men do not seek help due to embarrassment and this can lead to break down in their marriage or relationship, which is psychologically very traumatic. It is therefore important to seek help early.


Peyronies Disease is a condition where a curvature develops on erection and excluding the possibility of sexual intercourse. This condition can be surgically corrected.


Premature ejaculation is another common problem. It affects 80% of men at some time or the other in their life. It is thought they ejaculate within 1 – 5 minutes and 20% in minutes. This can be frustrating to both partners and gives a low esteem to the male partner. This condition is treatable and medical help should be taken. If not treated this can lead to breakdown of relationship.


Testicular pain can be due to infection or torsion [twisting of the testes on the spermatic cord] these are conditions which need immediate medical attention a delay might mean losing the testes which is affected. Testicular cancer is detected by a lump not pain. This is best done by self examination. The reluctance in men in doing testicular examination results in the delay in diagnosis and treatment of the condition thus having a poor chance of a cure and a higher morbidity. Men should be encouraged to do self examination of the testes.

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